Free consultation:

 A phone consultation will gather information related to why a family is reaching out to STL Speech & Language LLC.  This will include background information and developmental history.

Diagnostic & Evaluation:

  Once the consultation is complete, a formal evaluation will be completed if one has not already been done within a certain time frame.  If an evaluation has been previously completed, then STL Speech & Language will provide an informal evaluation that will be quicker and provides the most current information on your child’s current skills. STL Speech & Language will review all prior educational and medical records related to Speech and Language.  All information gathered provides information to help determine the appropriate therapy plan, so STL Speech & Language ensures that the best care for your child is being provided. If a full assessment is determined to be necessary, this may or may not be done by STL Speech & Language. A referral to another place may need to take place depending on current situation. This is case by case.   

Therapy Plan of Action:

  Once all the necessary information is gathered and complete, a Therapy plan will be developed based on the child’s needs and parent input. Since family involvement is a huge part of a child’s progress, family education and progress update will be part of the therapy plan.