Parent’s Guide to Speech and Language Development: Birth to 3 years (Virtual Class)-1/06/2021 – 7:00 PM


As a parent we wear so many hats and sometimes we feel like we can’t add just one more thing to our day.  This class will not only help you understand speech and language development, but it will also help you incorporate speech and language enhancing activities in your already busy life.  This class is developed by a licensed Speech/Language Pathologist and a mom who wants to help parents who have children birth to 3 years.   For more information about the class, please read the description below.



Are you a new parent?  Are you a parent of a toddler?  Have you ever been concerned about your child’s development?

If so, do you know where to look to get help?

Have you ever wondered how to tie in Speech and Language development into your child’s daily life?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, this course is for you.

Many parents miss out on so many speech and language opportunities with their child because it seems overwhelming or something only a professional can do.

As a parent, incorporating simple speech and language into your child’s day to day activities can enhance both their expressive and receptive language, and it makes such a difference in their overall development.

This virtual class is designed to empower parents and teach the following:

*Speech and language development from birth to 3 years broken down by age with age appropriate activities for development.

*Suggested activities that will enhance speech and language development for the following age groups: 0-3 months; 4-6 months; 7 months-1 year; 1-2 years; 2-3 years.

*All activities are designed to include general household items or items that won’t cost a lot.

*A list of additional resources will also be provided with ideas to further support speech and language development outside the home.

*Time will be given at the end of class for a Q & A or feel free to make an appointment for an individualized 15 minute consultation.

*A printable PDF that consists of the developmental norms, suggested activities and additional resources will be emailed the day before class to be used during class and as a future resource.

Once class materials are released, no refunds will be given.


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