Liz is probably one of the most compassionate people I know. Her desire and passion to help children meet their highest potential is evident. She continues to serve children and parents with resources they need to help their children even beyond their therapy session.
- Paola M.
I worked with Elizabeth Jarboe for 4 years in an educational setting. In my time working with her, she showed great dedication to her students and her work. She is intensely focused on providing the best possible services to her clients and ensuring all processes are followed exactly as they should be. I worked in collaboration with her providing services to students with a wide range of disabilities and communication skills. I was able to see the progress our students made not only in the area of speech, but also in social communication, confidence in their communication, and for some of our students, proficiency and willingness to use augmentative communication devices. She was able to tailor interventions and lessons to meet each student’s individual needs while also adjusting in the moment to deal with any issues that arose. She consistently strives to provide effective, evidence-based services to help her students make progress on their individual goals.
-Emily W.

“Elizabeth is a knowledgeable, caring SLP who loves working with children of all ages and disabilities. She works well with kids and parents to create therapy plans and lessons that benefit the kid. She is flexible with scheduling and wants to see everyone succeed. Elizabeth is patient and tries different therapy approaches to find the ones that are appropriate for clients. She is an awesome therapist”

-Estella H